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# 12 Rosaries for Vocations

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Praying the Rosary is another way of increasing vocations to the priesthood, deaconate, and religious orders.  Special Rosaries have been developed by various Church-related groups for this specific purpose.  These Rosaries are tailored with special wording to go along with the traditional structure of the prayer.

Resources for Rosaries for Vocations abound on the Internet.  They vary in format from printable PDFs to videos to audio Podcasts.

It has been written that praying the Rosary “…takes us to God's heart by way of Mary's heart.”  The laity is encouraged to support priests, religious, and deacons—and those who aspire to be—through the recitation of Rosaries for Vocations.


Program Outline

      • Special Rosaries which include as their main intentions an increase in vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and deaconate
      • Can be said by a group or by a single individual
      • Numerous variations of this type of Rosary are available
      • Rosaries can be recited via reading from a printed guide, or…
        • …by following along with special video or audio podcasts, if preferred
        • Video and audio podcasts
          • can be accessed via computer, tablet, or smartphone
      • Church leaders invite and encourage the laity to recite these special Rosaries for Vocations




Using Serrans/Volunteers:

  • Publicizing event
  • Printing rosary guide for event
  • Organizing and leading groups that gather to pray Rosary for Vocations


Program History, Development, and Additional Resources

The website – which is connected to the Office of Vocations of the Archdiocese of New York (NY) – perhaps best sums up the power of praying the Rosary as a means toward increased vocations:  it states that “The Rosary is a treasury of prayers that takes us to God's heart by way of Mary's heart.  If we listen carefully, we learn the desire of Mary's heart when she says of her divine Son, 'Do whatever He tells you' (John 2:5).  And what does her Son tell us to do? 'Come,' He is calling to us, 'follow Me' (Matthew 19:21).  Through praying with Our Lady in the Rosary, then, contemplating the mysteries of her Son, we join her in answering His call, and in asking that others might do the same.”

Numerous resources are available on the subject of praying the Rosary with the intention of increasing vocations to the priesthood, deaconate, and religious orders.  There are PDF-based documents which contain guides to such Rosaries.  Plus, there is a YouTube video which essentially “walks viewers through” the recitation of these Rosaries—and even audio podcasts of vocational Rosaries—which one can easily access via computer, tablet, or smartphone.  (What's more, one can find an entire website devoted to resources pertaining to praying for vocations.)  These Rosaries can, of course, be prayed by a single person or a large group of people.

As mentioned elsewhere in this volume of vocation-support resources, the role of laypeople in engaging regularly in prayer for vocations has been emphasized strongly by Church leaders around the nation.

Other Resources

Link to a PDF document which is a guide to a Rosary for Vocations; this is from the Diocese of Brooklyn (NY) website:



Link to a YouTube video containing audio of bishop and seminarians of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau (MO) saying a Rosary for Vocations:

Link to a PDF document which is a guide to a Rosary for Vocations from St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church (Picayune, MS):

Link to a PDF document which is a guide to a Rosary for Vocations by a church group in Davenport, IA:

Link to Msgr Peter Dunne and Vicki Herout's 'A Meditated Rosary for Vocations':


Link to Diocese of Lincoln (NE) vocations website, which includes several audio podcasts of bishop and seminarians reciting Rosary for Vocations:


The following sections contain copies of two special Rosaries for Vocations provided by the Serra Club of Omaha (NE).

PLEASE NOTE:  The texts for these Rosaries for Vocations are original texts from a Church leader; we have preserved them in their original forms out of respect for their author.  To expand the intentional scope of these two Rosaries for Vocations, please feel free to do the following as you (your group) pray(s) aloud while following them:

1) at every mention of the word 'men,' substitute the word 'people'; and

2) at every mention of the word 'priest,' substitute the words 'priests, deacons, and religious.'  In that way, the intention will be for not just diocesan priests, but also for deacons and religious-order priests, brothers, nuns, and sisters.

Please download the PDF "Rosaries for Vocations"

for printable copies of these two special Rosaries.

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