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Vocation Videos for Men: High School

From Pro Soccer to the Priesthood: The Witness of Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck  (5:13)

Powerful story of a young priest’s journey from being a top-level college athlete to being a pro soccer player in South America to receiving a call from God—and, finally, to becoming a priest; an excellent example for young men who might have stereotypical ideas regarding priestly vocations.

Fr. Augustine Reisenauer, O.P., Talks About His Vocation (5:07)

Interesting story of a Dominican priest and his vocation story, which winds through an early desire to be a doctor, through a life-changing trip to Southeast Asia, and into a religious order.

Follow Me:  Journeys to Priesthood  (13:00)

Features interviews with various priests and seminarians of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA speaking about their vocational journeys and also provides a glimpse into their recreational activities (e.g., one of the interviewees is a triathlete).

How to Start Discerning the Priesthood  (4:26)

An animated walk-through of the process of becoming a priest, from initial thoughts to ordination (schools and other entities mentioned are specific to the Archdiocese of Chicago, for which this video was produced).

Music Is Instrumental in Jesuit's Vocation Story  (3:56)

Compact story about the vocational journey of one of the most famous names in modern Catholic liturgical music.  Roc O’Connor, S.J. shares the details of first getting the call in high school and even his first experience in playing the guitar—an instrument he and his fellow St. Louis Jesuits led the way in introducing to the liturgy in the 1970s.

Discerning a Vocation  (5:22)

Monks of Mount Angel Abbey (OR) discuss how to discern a potential vocation to the Benedictine religious order.  The monks are of varying ages and each provides a good perspective on the process of discernment.

World Youth Day Talk: Discovering Your Vocation  (5:18)

A USCCB / America magazine World Youth Day video in which Fr. James Martin, S.J., breaks down what the concept of ‘vocation’ is all about.  (“Vocation is really about becoming the person who God really wants you to become,” he says.)  He also discusses key discernment questions:  What do I like to do?  What gives me joy?  What makes me energized?

Top Ten Friar Questions  (9:39)

Humorous, informal, late-night-talk-show-esque ‘top ten’ list compiled by a young Franciscan.  In his video, he fields the ten questions about being a Franciscan that he’s most often asked by laypeople; his answers are detailed, conversational and down-to-earth.

Fishers of Men  (18:21)

Developed by the USCCB in partnership with Grassroots Films.  Extensive, detailed look into vocations to the priesthood.

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