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Vocation Videos for Women: Elementary & Middle School

Do You Wanna Be A Sister?  (2:50)

Creative video from the Salesian Sisters using puppets in a sort of sing-along musical to depict the initial vocations-related questions of a young girl and the guidance she receives from one of the members of the religious order.

Sister Marilyn Baker on Wearing the Habit  (2:34)

From the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-in-the-Woods (IN); a member of the order talks about the order’s move from wearing religious habits to wearing plain clothes.  Note the cross pin she is wearing.

Why Do Some Congregations Wear a Habit and Others Do Not?  (3:57)

From the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; a member of the order answers the question posed in the title of the video.  Note the cross she is wearing.

A Vocation Story from CMSWR  (1:19)

A brief and lovely music video and slideshow featuring the work and prayer lives of sisters and nuns from various orders.  Video is produced by the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious.

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